The Surf Rats - Their 4th studio album out April 2018 on Greystone Records!
The Surf Rats

The Hawkmen - The brand new rhythm'n'blues/country/soul/rockabilly project, formed by Scott of Skinny Lister, Big Boss Man, Coffin Nails and The Rocker Covers.

Thee Creepfreaks - are a psychobilly trio from London, combining up-tempo drumbeats, loud dirty guitar and demonic vocals.

The Montgomerys - Alternative-country/rock'n'roll about to take the world by storm!
Cosmic Psycho Rockabilly band from a faraway galaxy.
The Kings Of Outer Space on Facebook
The Rocker Covers - A rockabilly take on classic rock & pop songs. Check out the 'Revved Up' and 'New Old Stock' albums recorded at Greystone's own Dog House Music Studio.
The Rocker Covers Website

Coffin Nails - Legendary psychobilly band from 1985 with 3 studio albums and an EP on Greystone Records.

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