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 Cardiff - 14th March '15

December 2014
Check out the re-worked verion of S.T.D. with live footage of the recent European tour:

3rd September 2014
The European Tours starts this week in Finland and the new EP Murder On The Orient Express is released (available on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify etc.....)!! And to celebrate, we have a brand new video online now:

March 2014
Exciting news coming!! Lots of gigs coming up and the guys are in the middle of writting a brand new album!!! this space!!!  We've also just set up a Coffin Nails Twitter page

4th November 2009 - COFFIN NAILS on BBC Radio 1
Thanks to Mike Davies for playing 'Lady In Black' from the new album 'The Dead Don't Get Older' on his Radio 1 Punk Show last night.  Check out the track listing for the show at: BBC RADIO 1's PUNK SHOW with Mike Davies

April 2009 - Press Release for new album 'The Dead Don't Get Older':
Low down and dirty scoundrels the Coffin Nails are back to put the ‘psycho’ into ‘billy’ with blistering new album ‘The Dead Don’t Get Older’.  Veterans of the circuit, this anthem-packed LP is the band’s eighth studio drop and finds them kicking the lid off the death box once more.  YouTube favourite ‘Six Feet Under’ is the first track to claw its way to the light with its raucous singalong chorus and live favourite ‘Lady In Black’ is a grinding uptempo bomb. Proto-rockabilly Ernest Tubb has his ‘Drivin Nails In My Coffin’ vehicle transformed into a supercharged V8 hotrod of a track while ‘Fat Love’ proves the boys aren’t always grave men in it’s sensitive meditation on singer Humungus’ bedroom skills.  The LP also finds the band reverting to their genre’s roots with a more powerful double-bass sound.  

Listen to the sampler at:


October 2008 - New Album On Its Way
The new album is now recorded and will be mixed shortly. Recorded in Mad Man's own Dog House Studio (, and mixed by Adam Whittaker (who has recently worked with The Damned, Amy Winehouse, Lilly Allen, Mark Ronson and the Saw Doctors to name a few).  Planned release is Spring 2009, watch this space....

Yeah, still no time to add any news (actually and to be honest, completely forgot we had a News page at all!!!) have a look at this video instead: COFFIN NAILS visit COFFIN CASE in LA Sept 06:


27th December 2005
Well once again this year we've failed to keep this news page up to date (maybe that'll be the new year's resolution.....again....hmmmm). Anyway, we hope you've all had a good Xmas and Happy New Year of course. And here are the highlights of 2005 (wow that sounds like a cheap TV show!):

2 headline concerts in California (The Key Club, Sunset Blvd, Hollywood and Galaxy Theatre, Santa Ana).
German Tour.
Festivals in the UK and Germany, including the biggest European punk festival: Wasted.
Cherry Red/Anagram Records release a "best of" album entitled "Let's Wreck - The Gravest Hits".
Headline show in New York at the Drop Dead Festival (also feat Nina Hagen and other top death metal, gothic and psychobilly bands).
Sony Corporation / Drop Dead Mash Up competition .

And, coming up in 2006:
AMP Magazine (American Music Press) Presents Vol.5 Psychobilly (compilation CD). Includes tracks from Coffin Nails, Nekromantix, Mad Sin, Quakes, Meteors, Demented Are Go etc .
Concerts booked in Stockholm (Sweden), Copenhagen (Denmark) and Germany.

  • 12th March 2005
    The Coffin Nails have just had their cover version of Madonna's "Like A Virgin" released on the huge Japanese record label Avex Inc. The compilation is entitled "More Best Hit S.K.A.", and features tracks by Shootin' Goon, The Busters, [Spunge] and many more...

    10th December 2004
    EXCLUSIVE!!! - The Coffin Nails have just finished recording and mixed a cover version of Madonna's "Like A Virgin" for a Japanese record label. Please keep checking this page for more info soon.

    1st November 2004
    Coffin Nails - "Let's Wreck - The Gravest Hits" is finally released on Cherry Red/Anagram Records. Here's a review:

    "I remember seeing this band years ago at The Klubfoot in London and was immediately impressed with their brand of Psychobilly though I must admit their humour did have something to do with it, as I always found that scene a little too macho on most part! This album is excellent and covers their history from their debut (Ein Bier Bitte) to last album (Hard As Nails) and if Psychobilly is your poison then this is an album you've gotta add to your collection. Some great tracks on here like 'Let's Wreck', 'She's A Moose', 'No Way', 'When I'm Drunk' and 'Girl Next Door'. Even their cover of 'Heartbreak Hotel' is pretty cool. For a band with so many line up changes the main man from the Coffin Nails 'Humungus' can be proud of the original Rock N Roll tunes they've been turning out for years. Buy this album and these guys on tour as they've plans to both Europe and The USA! (Anagram/Cherry Red) 10/10." - Full Frontal Recordings 2004

    And here's the track listing: 1.Let's Wreck 2.Uncle Willy 3.Psycho Disease 4.Wind Up Dead 5.Penetration 6.If Only Mother 7.Heartbreak Hotel 8.Coffin Nails 9.Blubbery Love 10.She's A Moose 11.Carling Black Label 12.Skeleton Swamp 13.Inspector Clueso 14.Been Around The World 15.Ooh Aah 16.No Way 17.When I'm Drunk 18.Girl Next Door 19.Neurotic Dave 20.Hard As Nails 21.STD 22.Forbidden Love 23.Freaks Come Out At Night 24.Scared Of The Dark 25.Woke Up This Morning

    29th October 2004

    The Coffin Nails agreed and signed to play the Wreckers Ball 8 months before the concert, the Coffin Nails name was used on the advertising for 6 months (the band were a headline act, third on the bill). The flights should have been booked months before the concert of course, but after much chasing the promoter eventually said he would send the money to the band the first week of October (less than a month before the show), so they could book the flights themselves. It didn't arrive, and 10 days before the concert (again, after much hassling) the promoter said it was cheaper to book the flights himself. So the Coffin Nails waited for confirmation, and they waited! Then 4 days before the show, the promoter said the flights were booked and he'd send the booking details etc. The band were of course a bit sceptical at this stage and phoned Virgin Atlantic to check. Guess what - no flights were booked! 3 days before the show the Nails got some flight details through. So they rang Virgin again, the flights were reserved, but were not paid for! Then just two days before the concert the band got an email from the promoter to say "Ok this is not going to was a big screw up from the beginning."

    So the Coffin Nails would like to apologise to anyone attending the Wreckers Ball in Los Angeles expecting to see them play, and strongly advise any band promoter, tour agent, or gig goer, to have nothing to do with Manuel Lepe the promoter of the Wreckers Ball. We have also heard similar stories from other bands on the scene about this promoter. Coffin Nails

    24th October 2004
    Thanks to all those who went to the Coffin Nails/Nekromantix show at the Boxing Club in Reading last week (the Coffin Nails home towm). Also thanks to Adam at Skatepunk Reading for putting the show on. Humungus was a little worse for ware (or 10 pints of Stella), did anyone notice? The venue was pretty much sold out, and the pit got on their backs and wrecked to Psycho Disease (yeah some of you remember)!!!.

    Also, there's a couple of new photos added to the website's Hot Rod page! More updates coming soon.

    30th August 2004
    The Coffin Nails pley with Demented Are Go, Long Tall Texans and others at Mental Hell's Satanic Stomp in Bochum, Germany. Very busy show it was too. Humungus arrived from the airport literally 10 minutes before show time (what 's a soundcheck anyway?).
    Click here for photos. 

    8th November 2003
    Back in Germany, and the band play the 13th Mental Hell Satanic Stomp in Gutosloh with Frenzy and Space Cadets. Humungus signs a contract agreeing

    to only have 1 beer before playing (don't worry though, he had about 15 beers on stage!!!).

    15th July 2003
    The first reviews of the new album appear, this one from Mental Hell, Germany:

    "HARD AS NAILS brings the guys back to their roots. After the last CD being a bit too much 60s style, this new CD will rock your socks off if you like old style Psychobilly! The title song tells the story of our life. Wrecking and tattoing. A song like STD tells us that Humungus is a really sick brain. The sound and rhythm kicks all trough the record. You will find yourself back in the old times. Two upright bass songs make the record complete. Good stuff!"

     30th June 2003
    Humungus Opens His Own Tattoo Shop

    TAT2-U, 56 Station Hill, Reading, UK

    Humungus (Coffin Nails Front-man) - AKA Klunky

    It was klunkys passion for music and the 80's punk/psychobilly scene that was the inspiration of himself becoming tattooed. Born in '66, he went to Ian of Reading at his Sailsbury Road studio for his first tattoo in 1985. Like many others, it was the beginning of many years under the needle. Being a regular customer to Ians they forged a friendship and so entrusted Ian a free reign to express his ideas. The result - some amazing work from the award winning artist. Klunky became part of the crew involved in the highly successful Expo which was held in Dunstable which ran for many years. During these years Ian expanded his studio taking on many talented artists along the way. In 1996 he approached klunky to work in the studio as his apprentice and in 1997 he took on the role full time. After 7 years working with some of the worlds most respected and talented tattoo artists Klunky took the plunge and opened his own studio in June 2003.

     16th June 2003
    The new album "Hard As Nails" is released on 16th June 2003 and Greystone Records largest order to date is shipped to the U.S.

    31st May 2003
    Fresh from the studio the Nails perform 4 UK and 4 German dates in the run-up to the eagerly anticipated release of their new album &endash; HARD AS NAILS.

    23rd November 2002
    The boys perform a sell-out show in Northern Germany with Nekromantix and Tiger Army. This was one awesome show, psychobilly very much alive in Europe!

    21st May 2002
    Approximately 450 people attend the concert in Marktredwitz, Germany on 19th May 2002. Check out Coffin Nails site for photos.

    26th Feb 2002
    Finally the long awaited studio album 'Out For The Weekend'. Recorded in Greystone's very own studio the 'Dawg House'. UK release date is MONDAY 22ND APRIL 2002. The album contains some up-tempo punk anthems as you have come to expect from the band. 'Been Around Again' with its obvious ska influences and 'King Of The Mosh's' laid back swing sound also show how diverse the band can be. Front-man Humungus is on top form with both vocals and guitar and the Mad Man plays both electric and double bass on the album.

    1st Feb 2002
    Some European live dates confirmed so keep checking the site for info.  

    1st Dec 2001
    'Mental Hell' German Mini Tour - Thanks to all those who went to the shows and sold out three of the 4 dates - see the GIGS page on the bands web site for some interesting photos! The band would like to apologize for not having pre-release copies of their new album for sale as promised.


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