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7th November 2015 - Coffin Nails + King Kurt + many more...
Pompey Rumble, Portsmouth,

3rd October 2015 - Coffin Nails + more...
Psychobilly Earthquake, Bremen,

1st-7th July 2015 - Coffin Nails + Reverend Horton Heat + Toy Dolls + more...
Psychobilly Meeting, Pineda,

23rd May 2015 - Coffin Nails + Long Tall Texans + more...
Green Door Store, Brighton,

1st/2nd May 2015 - Coffin Nails + Nekromantix,  Batmobile + more...
Satanic Stomp, Speyer,

4th/5th April 2015 - Coffin Nails + Meteors + Cracks + many more....
Psychobilly Stomp 2, Paris,

29th March 2015 - Coffin Nails
Tattoo Convention, Western super Mare,

14th March 2015 - Coffin Nails + Restless + Long Tall Texans + more...
Bedlam Breakout 19, Northampton,

21st January 2015 - Coffin Nails
Purple Turtle, Reading, UK

20th December 2014 - Coffin Nails Xmas Party + Sin Kings + Jack 'O'Bones + Boston Rats + All Cramped Up + DJ Andy Bedlam Bethnal
Face Bar, Reading, UK

21st November 2014 - UK Subs + Coffin Nails + Sick Livers
The Globe, Cardiff, UK

05 September - House Of Rock, Kouvola, FINLAND
06 September - Old Cock, Lappeenranta, FINLAND
17 September - Tsunami Club, Cologne, GERMANY
18 September - Soul Hell Cafe, Essen, GERMANY
19 September - Wild At Heart, Berlin, GERMANY
20 September - Posthalle, Wurzburg, GERMANY
21 September - DB Studio, Utrecht, HOLLAND
27 September - Louisiana, Bristol, UK (with Wreck Kings)

24th August 2014 - Coffin Nails + Support
Private Party, Salisbury, UK

7th June 2014 - Coffin Nails + many more
Psychomania Rumble, Potsdam Lindenpark, GERMANY

9th May 2014 - Coffin Nails + Beesting Burlesque Bingo
The Lanes, Bristol, UK

3rd May 2014 - Coffin Nails + many more
Psychobilly Stomp Festival, Vernouillet La Scene, FRANCE

21st December 2013 - Coffin Nails + Frenzy + Long Tall Texans
Klubfoot Christmas Party, The Garage, Islington, London, UK

14th December 2013 - Coffin Nails + support
Christmas Shin-dig, Black Horse, Kingswood, Bristol, UK

16th November 2013 - Coffin Nails + Many more
Pompey Rumble 4, Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth, UK

9th November 2013 - Coffin Nails + Epileptic Hillbillys + Moonshine Stalkers
Shit Kickers Ball, The Bellingham Hotel, Wigan, UK

9th - 10th August 2013 - Coffin Nails + Frenzy + Sharks and many more
FINLAND (more information soon)

6th July 2013 - Coffin Nails boat party!
Just For Fun - Psychobilly Meeting, Pineda, SPAIN

21st - 23rd June 2013 - Coffin Nails + The Rocker Covers and many more
Inkfest Tattoo and Music Convention, Weston super Mare, UK

9th June 2013 - Coffin Nails
Tattoo Convention, Reading, UK

8th June 2013 - Coffin Nails + Many more
Scream Lounge, Croydon, South London, UK

31st March 2013 - Coffin Nails + Many more
Satanic Stomp, Speyer, GERMANY

17th March 2013 - Coffin Nails + Many more
The Klubfoot USA, The Fonda Theatres, Los Angeles, CA , USA

22nd December  2012 - Coffin Nails + Support
Christmas Party, Face Bar, Reading, Berks, UK

5th October  2012 - Coffin Nails + Support
Psychobilly Earthquake, Bremen, GERMANY

4th  October  2012 - Coffin Nails + Support
Kulttempel, Oberhausen, GERMANY

11th August  2012 - Coffin Nails + many many more!
Boomtown Festival, Winchester, UK

17th March  2012 - Coffin Nails + Blue Cats + Long Tall Texans + Sick Sick Sinners + more!!!
Bedlam Breakout #13, Northampton, UK

20th February  2012 - Coffin Nails + Batmobile + Sick Sick Sinners + The Rocker Covers and more!!!
Psycho Carnival, Curitiba, Brazil

10th December  2011 - Coffin Nails + Long Tall Texans
Kreepers, The Old Angel, Nottingham, UK

19th November  2011 - Coffin Nails + Batmobile + Ricochets + Tall Boys + Skitzo + Griswalds
Trix, Noordersingel, Antwerp, BELGIUM

8th October  2011 - Coffin Nails 26th Anniversary with Epileptic Hillbillys & Devil Wrays
The Face Bar, Reading, UK

14th August 2011 - Coffin Nails German Tour 2011
MS Treue, Bremen, GERMANY

13th August 2011 - Coffin Nails German Tour 2011
Private Party, GERMANY

12th August 2011 - Coffin Nails German Tour 2011
Schwarzer Adler, Tannheim-Egelsee, GERMANY

11th August 2011 - Coffin Nails German Tour 2011
Cafe Central, Weinheim, GERMANY

10th August 2011 - Coffin Nails German Tour 2011
Soul Hellcafe, Essen-Ruttenscheid, GERMANY

7th July 2011 - Coffin Nails + many many more
Psychobilly Meeting 2011, Pineda, SPAIN

24th April 2011 - Coffin Nails + many many more
Satanic Stomp, Speyer, GERMANY

26th February 2011 - Coffin Nails
Cambridge, UK

19th February 2011 - Coffin Nails + King Kurt +  Cowboy & the Corpse + Cheater Slicks
The Fleece, Bristol, UK

6th November 2010 - Coffin Nails
Rock'n'Roll Hell Festival, Hydepark, Os
ück, Germany

5th November 2010 - Coffin Nails
Flaming Star, Speyer,

30th October 2010 - Coffin Nails + more
Festival, France (more info soon)

16th October 2010 - Coffin Nails
25th Anniversary, Face Bar, Chatham Street, Reading, UK (Free Admission)

24th September  2010 - Coffin Nails + many more
Bedlam Breakout # 10, Northampton, UK

22nd May 2010 - Coffin Nails
Psycho Festival, Lindenpark, Postdam, Germany

1st May 2010 - Coffin Nails + Support
Black Horse, Kingswood, Bristol, UK

28th November 2009 - Coffin Nails + Support
Speedfest, Eindhoven-Rockcity, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

20th November 2009 - Coffin Nails + Guana Batz + Demented Are Go and more..
Klub Foot Reunion, The Relentless Garage, London, UK

14th November 2009 - Coffin Nails + Support
TJs, Newport, Wales

31st October 2009 - Coffin Nails
Hotel Vaakuna, Hameenlinna, Finland

29th October 2009 - Coffin Nails + support
The Crypt, Bierkeller, Bristol, UK

24th October 2009 - Coffin Nails + Long Tall Texans
Horrorado No.5, Bremen, Germany

6th August 2009 - Coffin Nails + Mad Sin
The Tavern, Wigan, UK

2nd May 2009 - Coffin Nails + Batmobile + many more
You Only Live Once Fest II, La Scene, Vernouillet, Ile-de-France 78, France

12th April 2009 - Coffin Nails + Reverend Horton Heat + many more
22nd Satanic Stomp, Speyer, Germany

4th April 2009 - Coffin Nails + support
Kreepers, Nottingham, UK

24th January 2009 - Coffin Nails
Pfarrsaal, Regau, Austria

23rd January 2009 - Coffin Nails
Z- Bau, Nürnberg, Germany

22nd January 2009 - Coffin Nails
Club Vaudeville, Lindau, Germany

13th December 2008 - Coffin Nails + Nigel Lewis
Face Bar, Reading, UK

5th October 2008 - Coffin Nails + Batmobile + Blue Demon + Henry And The Bleeders
Dingwalls, London, UK

4th October 2008 - Coffin Nails + More
Kings Of Psychobilly, Knust, Hamburg, Germany

3rd October 2008 - Coffin Nails + Support
LiBella, Altenmarkt, Germany

2nd October 2008 - Coffin Nails + Support
Zwischenfall, Bochum, Germany

(photos by: Tombstone)

29th June 2008 - Coffin Nails
Just For Fun, Psychobilly Festival, Pineda De Mar, Spain

14th June 2008 - Coffin Nails
Devil Kick's, The Attick, Stokes Croft, Bristol, UK

25th April 2008 - Coffin Nails
Bullet Bar, 147 Kentish Town Road, London, UK

29th March 2008 - Coffin Nails + Valentine Villains + more
Bedlam Breakout, The Soundhaus, Northampton, UK

28th December 2007 - Coffin Nails + Support + DJ Chris Setzer
London Rockin' Rollers, Buffalo Bar, 269 Upper Street, London N1 (under Cock Tavern)

Saturday 15th December 2007 - Coffin Nails + Rock-It Dogs, Valentine Villains + The Jinx
The Junction, Stocks Croft, Bristol

13th October 2007 - The Caravans + Coffin Nails + Henry And The Bleeders
The Face Bar, Ambrose Place, Chatham Street, Reading, UK

29th September 2007 - Coffin Nails + The Racketeers + Others
vfm Run To The Shires Scooter Run, Catton Hall, Walton on Trent, South Derbyshire

2nd September 2007 - Coffin Nails + The Scourge Of River City + Radio City Riot
Nambucca, Holloway Road, London

21st July 2007 - The Racketeers + Coffin Nails + Rock-It Dogs
Ace Cafe London, Ace Corner, North Circular Road, Stonebridge, London, NW10 7UD

16th June 2007 - Coffin Nails, Evil Devil, Scarlet and the Spooky Spiders, Green Moon Sparks
Bloody Moonlight Night, 500 Rock Club, c/o Grand Hotel Bologna via Ponte Nuovo, 42 Pieve di Cento, ITALY

8th April 2007 - Coffin Nails, Mad Sin, Batmobile,  Long Tall Texans, Caravans and many more top bands
20th Satanic Stomp, Halle 101, Speyer, Germany

24th March 2007 - Coffin Nails
Prince Of Wales, Caversham, Reading, UK

2nd December 2006 - Coffin Nails
Offbeats Scooter Club do, Red Lion, Reading

24th November 2006 - Nigel Lewis backed by the Coffin Nails
Speadfreaks Ball II, Great Yarmouth

(photos by: Gman, Botchybee, Pitchick69, Giesje and Radioactive Kid)

16th September 2006 - Coffin Nails + Hayride To Hell, Barnyard Ballers, Formaldehydes, Bamboula, Psycho Demons
The Demon Pit @ The Key Club 9039 W Sunset Blvd, W. Hollywood, CA 90069, USA

(photos by Spike, flyer by Dave Leamon)

15th September 2006 - Coffin Nails + Hayride To Hell, The Astounding Roy, Gorbisons, Deadsled Demons,  The Howlers
Showcase Theatre, 683 S Main St, Corona, CA 92882, USA

6th September 2006 - Coffin Nails @ Hot Rod Night 'End of Summer Riot' - FREE ENTRY!!!
Ace Cafe, Ace Corner, North Circular Road, Stonebridge, London, NW10 7UD, London

(photos by Nealie

29th July 2006 - Coffin Nails + King Kurt
The Kings Arms, The Vale, Acton, London

1st July 2006 - Nigel Lewis backed by the Coffin Nails
Ace Cafe, London (Ace Corner, Stonebridge Park, London

(Photos by Fatbloke)

3rd June 2006 - Coffin Nails
Ace Cafe, London (Ace Corner, Stonebridge Park, London, NW10 7UD)

16th March 2006 - Coffin Nails + Support
Stockholm, Sweden

24th February 2006 - Coffin Nails + The Scrub + The Rock it Dogs
The Square, Fourth Avenue, Harlow, Essex

11th November 2005 - Coffin Nails + The Meteors + Many More
The Speed Freaks Ball, Great Yarmouth, UK

(Photos by Radioactive Kid and Clive)


Sunday 30th Oct 2005 - Knitting Factory - NEW YORK, U.S.A.

or visit:

15th October 2005 - Coffin Nails + The Hangmen
The Kings Arms, The Vale, Acton, London W3 7JT


Mental Hell presents:

30th September 2005 - Coffin Nails + support
LiBella, Altenmarkt, Germany

1st October 2005 - Coffin Nails + Rockin Slickers
RAW, Tempel, Berlin, Germany

2nd October 2005 - Coffin Nails + support
Logo, Hamburg, Germany


20th May 2005 - Coffin Nails +  Demented Are Go + Sham 69 + many more...
Wasted Festival, Morecambe, UK

22nd April 2005 - Coffin Nails + Dragster + The Spartans
Bristol Bierkeller, The Pithay, All Saints St, Bristol, UK

2nd April 2005 - Coffin Nails + Guana Batz + Klingonz + Battle Of Ninjamanz (Japan) + Robin (Japan) + More
17th Satanic Stomp, Halle 101, Speyer, Germany

(photos by Psychomaniaca, Putrefied, Dana, Alexandra Selle and Jenny Geddes.)

25th March 2005 - Coffin Nails + Frenzy + Long Tall Texans + More
The Charlotte, Leicester, UK

(photos by Birdy and Simonnott!)

19th March 2005 - Coffin Nails + Hellbillys + Many More
March Mayhem, Galaxy Theatre, S Harbor Blvd, Santa Ana, California, USA

(photos by Karen Voodoo, Valerie and Emily Marilyn - more soon!)

18th March 2005 - Coffin Nails + Barnyard Ballers + Many More
March Mayhem, The Key Club, W Sunset Blvd, W Hollywood, California, USA

(photos by Mag and Valerie- more soon!)

22-12-2004 Coffin Nails + others (Psycho/Punk/Ska-Xmas Party!)
The Fez, Reading, UK

(photos by Scotty @ Eyesmash)

16-10-2004 Coffin Nails + Nekromantix + Dead By Dawn + Shark Soup + Others
Boxing Club, Reading, UK

28-08-2004 Coffin Nails + Demented Are Go + Long Tall Texans + others
16th Satanic Stomp, Matrix, Bochum, Germany
(Photos by Matrix, Bochum - much more here)

05-05-2004 Coffin Nails + DJ Little Carl (Entry Free)
Executioners 'Hot Rod' Spring Riot, Ace Cafe, London, UK

08-11-2003 Coffin Nails
Weberei, Gutersloh, Germany

10-05-2003 Coffin Nails + Frantic Flintstones
Princess Charlotte, Leicester, UK

09-05-2003 Coffin Nails
Newquay Scooter Run, UK

03-05-2003 Coffin Nails + Ripmen
Mad & Crazy, Berlin, Germany

02-05-2003 Coffin Nails + Saints and Sinners
LiBella, Altenmarkt, Germany

01-05-2003 Coffin Nails + others
Cafe Central, Weinheim, Germany

30-04-2003 Coffin Nails + Pitmen + Boozehounds
Starclub, Mulheim, Germany

26-04-2003 Coffin Nails + Lower Case J + Hyperjax + DSA
Boxing Club, Reading, UK

25-04-2003 Coffin Nails + Long Tall Texans
The Metro, Oxford Street, London, UK

30-11-2002 Coffin Nails + support
The Roebuck, Reading, Berkshire, England

23-11-2002 Nekromantix, Coffin Nails, Tiger Army
Weberei, Gutersloh, Germany

(Photos by Alexandra Selle)

02-11-2002 Demented Are Go, Coffin Nails
The Garage, Islington, London, England

08-08-2002 Coffin Nails + Mister Pringle
Litten Tree, Slough, Berkshire, England

29-06-2002 Coffin Nails, Mister Pringle
The Roebuck, Reading, Berkshire, England

19-05-2002 Coffin Nails, Death Valley Surfers, Mad Heads, Dicemen, Bad Reputation, Evil Devil
Jugendzentrum, Marktredwitz, Lindenstraße 3, 95615 Marktredwitz, Germany

 (Photo's by Bjoen Baering)

03-11-01 Coffin Nails
Razzle Dazzle, Berlin, Germany (Photo's by Bjoen Baering)

02-11-01 Coffin Nails
Libella, Alternmarkt, Germany

(Photo's by Annemie)

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