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nass (the bongolian)

Nasser Bouzida was spawned from a timbale, organ + conga explosion in the early 1970’s allegedly the love child of Peter Beale.

Bought up in Spanish-Harlow his grounding in Latin music was there laid. As a teenager Nasser had a penchant for composing mini rock-operas in the style of the great “Showaddywaddy” and could often be seen swaning around town in a noisette of crepes and drapes.

In his early twenties he became a pioneer of the sports-casual movement, which was to lead to his appearance on the low budget cableTV show “Jenny Powell’s Hot”. On the set of this show he first met Bloodvessel, one of Bloodvessel’s cohorts of the time was disgraced 1980’s cult ska bass player T.Harding.

Bouzida and Harding soon formed an unbreakable bond through their love of the Portsmouth Sea life centre and Roxy Music. After witnessing a life -changing gig by world music surrealists “Bandanna” at the now infamous Bedford Arms, the two formed “Espadrille”.

Their first big break came when Sea Link offered them a glamorous five show per day three-month contract. (Including two free hot meals per day and unlimited access to the mini-bar) On one particularly choppy entertainment voyage the duo bumped into Coffin Nails’ tattooed psyhco dog-man “Mad-Man” Scott Milsom and indie sex-fiend / owner of Europe’s thinnest ears; Nick Nichols.

That ferry journey changed their lives, when they met it was murder!

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